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Q: What kind of website is this?
A: This is mainly an advertisement website for the Bangali community in the Bangladesh. We allow you to advertise various things such as items that you wish to sell or an available job positions.

Q: What type of language this site support?
A: All types of language can be added in this site by the member for their advertisement BUT we recommend English and Bangla only. Other language can be deleted by our maintenance team.

Q: Why information will be deleted if someone uses other than English or Bangla language?
A: Because, this site only for Bangladesh community who understand only English and Bangla.

Q: How we can we use this web site?
A: You have to register to obtain your username and password to create an advertisement page or contribute information.

Q: Who can create a page on this site?
A: Any one who becomes a member can create a page.

Q: Why do you have to enter a valid email address?
A: There are many reasons you have to enter a valid email address. Some of them are as follows:
  • If you forget your username or password.
  • Membership expiration date reminder.
  • Membership cancellation reminder.
  • Notifications will be sent whenever any changes have been made.
Q: Why do we have to collect a pin code to activate membership?
A: Collecting a pin verifies that the email you provided belongs to you.

Q: How I can change my username?
A: You have to send us a special request using our contact us link.

Q: How I can change my password?
A: You will see the option to change your password once you login as a member.

Q: Is password is visible in the database?
A: No, all passwords are encrypted in the database. No one will see your password.

Q: How do I retrieve my existing password if I forgot?
A: System can’t retrieve your existing password because it is encrypted. Instead system can create new password and send at your email address then you can change it..

Q: How I can change my Email address?
A: You have to send us a special request using our contact us link.

Q: Do we have to pay for membership?
A: As of now you do not have to pay for your membership until future notice.

Q: Do I have to enter any credit card information?
A: You do not have to enter credit card information as long as payment is not required.

Q: What happens if members violate terms and conditions?
A: We will block the member's account forever and payment will not be refunded if paid.

Q: How long we can have an account in this web site?
A: As long as the member wishes to keep his/her account (until expired date).

Q: Why membership has expire date?
A: This is an informational/advertisement based web site. We want all updated information that member has provided. So you(member) and user can get benefited from accurate up to date information.

Q: Will my contact information be released to a third party?
A: No, not at all. Those are only kept for internal uses.

Q: Do you add any fake information in this web site?
A: Our site's information is capable of being contributed by its members as well. Although we intend to provide factual information, what our members decide to post up is out of our control. If we find that any information is fake, we will remove it or modify it as quickly as possible. Other than that, our website does not display any misleading information unlike other websites.

Q: What do I do if I do not want any information displayed to the public?
A: Simply just block your advertisement page through the main menu after you login.

Note: If any of your questions haven't been answered from our FAQ, then please send us your question we will be happy to answer.