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This website is just an advertising site for a business or personal. It is an information based application that provides you with information. Only members of the website can partake in contributing information. We are not responsible for any false information or unusual language. If you come across information that is not correct or improper, please feel free to inform us immediately. Complaints can be sent via the 'Contact us' link.Be assured that your identity will remain anonymous. With your help, we can avoid such unwanted situations.

Membership: Anyone can be a member. All it takes is a simple registration on our site. Then, members will have permission to enter as much information as they want.

User ID or Username: The username should be unique, duplicated username will not allow if already exist in our system.

E-mail address: The Email address should be unique, duplicated Email address will not allow if already exist in our system.

Membership charge: Ther will be no charge for membership.

Blocking account: If any false statement or any wrong information is added to a page by a member, that membership will be permanently blocked.